World’s Most Expensive Belt Buckle

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Belt buckles, in my experience, go one of two ways: gaudy and campish, or ultra-cool. Whether it’s a giant cow skull or a metallic Decepticons logo, generally if it holds up your pants, it’s all good. You really have to be a certain type of dresser to pull off a buckle, but when it happens it can look amazing. Belt buckles are also an interesting collectable, with some people picking up different buckles from around the world.

Well, if you’re a belt buckle enthusiast, hold on to your butts. Louis Vuitton has designed an incredibly shiny belt buckle which it’s calling “Blason”. Designed, as the name suggests, like a coat of arms (Blason being the French term for the description of a coat of arms) it features 523 precious stones, and is shaped in gold. Sapphires, rubies and diamonds are set on its surface; though whether the gems or the Louis Vuitton monogram have more to do with the price is arguable. This humble buckle will set you back $44,000. Honestly, though, you could be a little more discreet; it could send the wrong message when everyone you run into is staring at your midsection.