The rise in 3D movies has been jaw dropping. When it’s done well, there are huge benefits to being in 3D – people were saying it brought the magic back to movies again, and that’s no small feat. It seems to be the next big thing, and although some of the 3D fare that’s coming out now is nothing but gimmicky junk, as the technology progresses you can only imagine what we’ll see on the silver screen.

The 3D bug has hit gaming consoles as well. Ubisoft went on record saying that they expect 50% of all games to be in 3D by 2012.


50%? Seriously? I totally understand why they’re doing it – it’s the next frontier, after all. We all want to be playing with Star -Wars-style holograms eventually. It’ll be freaking awesome. Plus, Tomb Raider in 3D.

That being said, can we wait until we have this technology down before we start force feeding it to the masses? Let’s take the Wii, as an example of a new technology. For every Zelda we get, we get ten thousand flailfests. Plus, some people get motion sick from the 3D technology. Should we say they can’t play games anymore? Or that they get less awesome games?

Going back to the Wii example for a sec, there was a backlash against the motion technology. Some people had no idea why you would flap your arms around like a sucker instead of pushing A. I mean, I was right there fishing in Zelda and having a fantastic time, but my buddies all thought I looked like a moron trying to wrangle my invisible fish.

To be fair, I really did.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, you can imagine the backlash against gimmicky motion controls will transfer over to backlash against gimmicky 3D effects. We can render scenes of unparalleled beauty on our consoles right now. We’re close to photorealism. Why ruin that with 3D?

What do you think?