This trend has generated a bit of controversy, but I’m not sure why. Men carrying bags is nothing new – we all wore backpacks as a kid. Some argue that it’s a little too feminine, calling the bags man-purses (or murses), but I’ll tell you what: these things are comfy to wear, and a lot easier to manage than carrying things loose. So lose the backpacks, gentlemen, and enjoy being able to carry stuff in style.

Not only that, but the bags can compliment all sorts of styles, depending on the make. You can get them in canvas for a sporty, preppy look or in leather for rugged rocker chic. You can even make them work in a professional setting because of their trendy nature. So what’s the problem?

I can understand those who are worried about their appearance, but that might be groundless. The trend has already taken off, so the chances of an attack on your masculinity are slim. The trend wasn’t born so much out a desire to market women’s products to men as a realization that there was an opening in the market. Men carry stuff too. You can fit laptops, portable gaming systems, cell phones, and a thousand other things in these bags. They’re practical and they’re cool.

So where can you find these bags? They’re all over the place – most places that sell bags will now have a men’s section. Check out your favorite store online, you’re sure to find one. While you’re at it, leave me a comment with your favorite style!