Men: Looking Badass Without Really Knowing Why

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Thank dread C’thulu, the Rocker look is still in style this year. While this isn’t always a style you’d want to wear to the office, it means a little comfort and a ton of bad-assery while you’re out on the town. There is an age limit to this style, but depending on how old you look, you can keep it rolling for a while. Looking to expand your closet? Here are some suggestions on how to get the perfect rocker look.

Boots: Rock & Republic Anton in Black ($208) Shoes should be easy. Are they comfortable? Unlike women, who seem to pride themselves on wearing torture devices on their feet, guys can relax in comfort. These Rock & Republic shoes are a glossy black with a small band over the top. With the rocker look, you could easily go a little more casual – sneakers are allowed if you’re out on the town. Just make sure you don’t slide into punk or frat-boy territory, and you’re golden.

Pants: Taverniti So Jeans Meg 17 Gold Biker Denim (approx. $236) These jeans are a slim fit that, while not as bad as some, might put off a few potential wearers. Fear not – these babies have a heavy-metal edge that’s to die for. Produced in L.A, they take inspiration from Parisian fashions mixed with their native rock flair. There’s a little bit of distress in these jeans, but not too much, and they come in a dark wash with white stitching.

Belt: Bill Adler Utility/Studded Belt ($67.50/$112.50) Yes, that belt is $112.50. While you might not always want to put that much money into a belt, this piece will last you a good long time. The less pricey Utility belt (not related to certain Bat-belts) can be worn in more professional circumstances, while you might want to save the Studded belt for the bars.

Shirt: Shirts can be relatively simple with this look, so I’m not going to give a specific example. You can tone it up with a button-up collared shirt, or go casual with a graphic tee. Make sure that the design on the t-shirt isn’t too complex – the best shirts have abstract designs. You can usually find these shirts at anywhere from $20-$40, depending on the brand.

Jacket: Rock & Republic Montgomery Leather Jacket ($698) Made by L.A-based Rock & Republic, this jacket is worth its hefty price tag. A super cool mixture of rock and bondage, this slick black jacket features a clean, simple design. While you may not want to wear this in the blistering heat of summer, it’s definitely worth keeping for heating up cooler nights.

Glasses: Tom Ford Cross-Detail Aviators (approx. $381) These glasses don’t come too cheap, but scream sex appeal. You can wear these beauties with just about anything, and they’ll give you a little bit of an edge. Talk about a chick magnet – you might not be able to play a guitar or follow a tune, but you can bet every lady you see will be falling all over you.

Bag: Roots Raw New York Messenger Tribe (approx $288) There’s been some controversy about men and bags for a while now. Some people think that carrying around a man-purse is unbecoming, but the trend disagrees – and face it, it’s much easier to carry stuff around this way. The modern briefcase is a messenger bag, and this one has everything the modern rocker needs. Made in Canada from 100% vintage tribe leather, it’s durable and easy to carry.

So throw a little gel into your hair, spritz on a touch of your favorite cologne, and head out on the town. Throw back a cold one for me.