Public Displays of Affection – How Much is Too Much?

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If you’re in love, or even just in that heady infatuation phase, it could seem like the whole world is your oyster. You’re with the object of your affection, and it could be the most natural thing in the world to hold her hand, or give her a kiss, or start making passionate whoopee on the street. Clearly, to those who are not twitterpated, one of those things does not belong.

I’m not a prude – researching sex toys for other articles on this site will take care of that – but I’d rather not see two people doing the tongue tango in public. While the people going at it are undoubtedly enjoying themselves, the rest of us have to do our best to ignore them. This sort of thing shows a lack of respect for people in the area, because: “Screw it, I’m in love and they can learn to live with it.”

No. No no no. You can learn to hold your hormones until you get home. Seriously, it’s not that hard. Once you’ve got some privacy, go at it with my blessing. Go forth! Multiply! Just don’t make me have to deal with you.

The other example of gag-worthy PDA is the constant baby talk. I can almost understand why people make out in a public forum. It seems like a good idea at the time, I’m sure. But this? If I hear another man telling his cell phone “No, *you* hang up”, I’m going to grab his phone, break it in two, then drag him to the nearest cosmetic surgeon for an emergency testicle reattachment.