EA Sports Active Presents a Legitimate Exercise, Study Says.

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While you may not think of video games as a way to improve your health, a study out of the University of Wisconsin has proven otherwise. Conducted by Dr. John Porcari, the story has proven that the game EA Sports Active for the Wii actually doles out a legitimate workout according to standards set by the American College of Sports Medicine.

The study included 16 adults from 25-45 performing the Afterburner and Legs & Lungs workout sets. Both sets met the guidelines set out by the ACSM – that the workout keep the heart working at 64-94% of maximum, 40-85% of maximal oxygen consumption, and burn 200-300 calories per session.   An impressive feat, considering the whole “exercise” genre of games was scoffed at when it was introduced.

The Wii Fit has also been earning praise, this time from the American Heart Association. So while you can’t quite avoid going outside altogether, you might just be able to save a bit on gym fees and do some of your workouts at home.

EA is planning two more Sports Active games to release this holiday season.