Money can’t buy everything, but it can buy you a really sweet seat. Whether your keister is bony as an Irish nun’s finger or plush and padded, everyone needs somewhere to sit. In this, we’ve found the answer. Meet the Sumosac Gigantor – the most comfortable thing ever.

Made of micro suede and foam, this enormous bean bag chair can seat the whole family – fully fluffed, it measures 86 x 60 x 40. The outer layer can be removed for easy washing, and comes in four colours. While you wouldn’t want to have one of these adorning your office (or maybe you would!) it’s perfect for just about everywhere else. Priced at $399 US, it’s not cheap, but it’s also not diamond encrusted…yet.

To put it simply, sitting in one of these is like riding a walrus. A happy, fat walrus. He might wear a top hat, or be looking for a bucket. Either way, you’re set for adventure. Grab a book, or your laptop, and hope you don’t sink too far.

Unfortunately, right now these beauties are only shipping to the U.S., but they hope to get world-wide shipping soon.